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We Develop Customised Solutions for Digital Signal Processing

Our key experiences are providing highly robust and integrated advanced signal processing and multimode decoders that implement linear and nonlinear filtering and classification and algorithms for spatial analysis in industrial systems and automation via sensor telemetry.

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Sensor Data Analysis

We collect statistical data from a variety of sources. The more traditional measures used are derived from linear regression techniques: maximum likelihood or k-means clustering of the data points.

Data Reporting

The data is processed and analyzed using statistical and visualization tools such as R Studio. The number of views and interactions can be represented in matrices, which can be visualized and explored to estimate the required parameters from the sensors.

Event Triggering

When the condition is met, the analytics software triggers a time-triggered event that triggers the execution of action to control the process. Data is obtained and analysis of the information is conducted and decisions are taken.


When the data captured is sufficient, the core systems will be automated to provide recurring monitoring and the condition to trigger an action for event condition.

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